Monday, September 12, 2016

10 on 10 (or 12 on 12...whatever) :: September

This little guy will be turning 2 this week, so it seems fitting to have a day in the life that is mostly his.  To really feel like you were a part of this day, I would need a video of him saying 'NO' eight thousand times at the dentist--in the waiting room and ultimately to the exam chair.  Guess we'll give it a go next time.

Otherwise it was a decidedly beautiful day.  I often feel on the edge of chaos, a day late and a dollar short and like I am chasing my tail...but today I tried to stop and count my blessings as often as I could.  It was a full day.

 // hike
// ferns
// park
// swing
// silly
// out cold
// dentist
// airplane
// hiding
// jump
// laugh
// kiss

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Jessica said...

What a great set, so full of nature!