Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Ends and Beginnings (and somewhere in the middle, I hope!)

We wrapped up the summer in the same manner we began it, a wild flurry.  The days ran together and  were chock full of...just...everything.  I worried, just a bit, about how the babe would handle his playmates going off to school each morning.  We shoe shopped, and washed clothes, and bought binders and backpacks.  And then the day came.  

And this is what I got.

Yep.  The high schooler was slow moving and not at all impressed, and we barely made the bus for the girls, rushing about trying to stuff too much into the morning.

That is, perhaps, the awesome thing about being into photography.  I have lots of pictures of my kids together, and I'd have loved one from that morning.  But, this is better to me.  This is what it really felt like.

Another awesome thing about being into photography?  Passing it on.  Literally and figuratively.  I fiddled with the settings and handed the camera to one of my children on my anniversary.  Eighteen years.  I love the result.  And every time I do it I explain a little more about how the camera works or composition or light.  Win, win.

Oh, and there was a national dog day in there somewhere.
My dog says
how've you been?
got a treat?

Hope this time of year has been treating you well!


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Barb said...

My favorite part of your photos is the stories they tell! So much better than stiff posed shots. Good Luck to all the children this new school year.