Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A Moment in the Sun

This day was hard.  Hard in all the ways parenting is hard.  From everyone staring at me in the supermarket cause my 2 year old is screaming bloody murder to all the kids are talking at once (and needing me at once) and I simply can't keep up while making dinner and cleaning the dishes and filling the sippy cup and taking the dog out...again and again and again.  We ran up on the hill to take this picture after dinner and everyone laughed and had a good time...but it was only a snapshot.  Only a few seconds in an otherwise long and somewhat horrible day.  Just in case you look and think I've got it all together and feel bad about something in your own life.  Cause that's not the case.  We've all got those days.  (And sometimes it feels like we have more of those days than any other kind.)  But tomorrow is another day....and hopefully a better one.

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