Monday, July 25, 2016


It is really Monday?  Did a weekend slip by without my noticing?  Yes, I'm afraid that is exactly what happened.  My husband was occupied with a bike race (and he's been occupied with training, too) and while I know it isn't really being a single parent, well....let's just say I'd like to whine and moan a lot right now due to the significant absence of my spouse recently.  But, hubby has also lost a good 20 pounds, and I'm trying really, really hard, despite the heat and overwhelming amount of time with my children, to be a supportive wife.  Trying, but sadly, failing a bit.  Obviously.

Saturday morning, a miscommunication led to someone showing up in the morning for a playdate, (instead of later that afternoon to drop something off--as I expected) and the ensuing embarrassment is something I will not soon forget.  I was in my jammies, the baby in a saggy, baggy diaper (and only a saggy, baggy diaper), and my older children were slowly making their way down stairs with bedhead and rubbing the sleep from their eyes.  The house was, as I noted last week, still a ridiculous mess.  I made the best of the situation, trying to laugh it off with someone I didn't know well.  The result is that I was 'scared straight'--and we've been devoted to cleaning house since the moment they left.  And then we watched a bit of the end of the Tour de France...because I do have my moments as a wife and made my best effort to learn a bit about cycling.  The young one was entranced, and zoomed around the room while occasionally pausing to point to the screen shouting, 'bike! bike!'

It was really a weekend worth forgetting.
Happy Monday!

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