Sunday, July 31, 2016

Something out of Nothing

Yesterday was a stormy, power out, play in the garden amid the rain, make ivy crowns, dance to banjo pickin' on the front porch (always in a diaper, though I promise the kid has clothes), down home, country, nothing sort of day.

Apparently, I like to make something out of nothing, because I took a lot of pictures for a nothing kind of day!

I also finally finished up last year's scrapbook (December had been waiting and waiting to finish).  I've noticed the kids in the books a lot recently, enjoying visits to times gone by.  And recently, my son and his 'lady friend' were looking through them.  It was a side to scrapbooking I hadn't thought of...when new people join into the family fold and get to see a glimpse of our life through albums.  Definitely a motivator to keep going, and get those pictures in books!

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