Tuesday, July 12, 2016

He's a Scream

It's a little bit funny that these should be the pictures I took yesterday...this child woke before 5:30am, screaming bloody murder...and he didn't stop for most of the day.  He isn't sick, he's just...nearly two.  And while he has developed a lot of vocabulary...screaming is his favorite way to communicate.  I know he looks terribly adorable.  He is!  But, well...he wasn't for most of yesterday.

Today he slept in until after 7am, for the first time in weeks.  Here's hoping today is less screamy.

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Cambrea said...

I promise I won't comment on all your posts! But I had to with this one. He is absolutely adorable and we totally call our toddler "screamy", the one that doesn't sleep past 7am. Cheers and solidarity!