Saturday, July 9, 2016

Catching Up

At some point I've got to wonder whether or not it's worth it.  If you just can't keep up with a project, are constantly behind and it begins to feel like a of those things that takes a deep sign before you force yourself to dig it really something you should keep on your to do list?

Yes, this summer project feels a little like that right now.  As does blogging.  Taking pictures is not the challenge, but I want dearly to slow down and make just a few notes to go with the moment.  To give these pictures a little more meaning.  Slowing down appears to be completely against my nature, but I will keep swimming against the current for now.

We've had a particularly busy week, which is perhaps why I am so darn tired.  We had company come for the 4th.  Company drains me.  I'm a pretty unorganized slob, and let's face it, you can only hide it so long when someone stays in your house a few days.  It's like trying to hold your gut in constantly, 24 hours a day, for 4 or 5 days.  But it is worth it, of course, for time with family.  And my kids with their is always a joy to see that bond.  Those are memories I cherish from my own childhood.

And so we chased chickens and fireflies, lit sparklers and backyard fireworks, swam, hiked, explored the local sites, played games and made memories.  I hope those are the things everyone remembers...not the clutter hidden under the bed or popping out of closets!

And then we were back to just 5 kids again.  And we were also into the garden and about to be buried in zucchini, peppers, cucumbers, blueberries and raspberries!  No rest for the weary!


Barb said...

Sweet photos of family time. Your garden is prolific! I love the underwater shot.

Adrienne said...

Hey there - I know I've been a complete slouch in the commenting/sharing's on my heart to find a rhythm and get back to it. I miss the interaction. Seems that this move has me a bit star struck - we are so in love with our new corner of the world - and I'm being selfishly hiding out! I did have to chime in to say ... keep at it. Slow down when you can. Allow for missed days, not as much as you'd like...give yourself all sorts of breaks - but don't give up! I wish I had written more. Looking back, I would have loved anything - wouldn't have had to be everything...but I would have loved more bits of our story written down. Your photos, as always, are just lovely. Such a beautiful glimpse into a childhood your kids will love remembering!

Carie @ Space for the Butterflies said...

They're beautiful photos - so maybe the question is will you regret it if you don't keep it up? And then give yourself leeway to just take photos that you enjoy without needing the bigger meaning - and the meaning will turn out to be in there anyway!