Friday, June 3, 2016

The Unofficial Start of Summer 2016

This week hasn't been the best.  So instead of sharing that the baby isn't sleeping or that the espresso machine broke again or that limited sleep and limited coffee lead to blow outs with the hubby....instead let us focus on 5 random things I am looking forward to about summer.


I look forward to hanging out at the swing set, to the toddler being contently contained in a baby swing and perhaps, just on occasion, to enjoying either the 'kids' hammock chair or the new hammock I bought at the drug store (totally does the job and way cheaper than our last one.  Downfall--or bonus, depending on your view--only one person at a time.  Mostly.) 


Now is the time for the obvious (and also for the lucky)--swimming pools and splash pads and the beach.  But it is also the time for puddle jumping and creek wading and sprinklers.


 Puttering about the garden in the early morning while marveling at the growth of the plants and the nature they attract is one of my favorite parts of the summer day.


But perhaps, I like summer nights even better.  Chasing fire flies/lightening bugs and looking for shooting stars are big highlights for me.


And summer afternoons...well, they aren't too bad either.  Leisurely time reading as long as we like, without a schedule to adhere to or bedtime to worry about, are a treat for us all.  Picking out some new chapter books at the beginning of the summer is a trip we all look forward to.

I've got a few more days to set the alarm and stick to the schedule,
but I'm mostly already off for summer in my mind.

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