Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Letters to Our Children :: June

Dearest Children,

I just wanted to take a moment away from the start of summer to stop and tell you all how thankful I am.  Every day, I look around and appreciate your silliness and laughter, your kindness with each other, and the wonder you see in the world.  There are always jokes and games, new marvels in the garden or your recent firefly capture that you want to show me, and always a helping hand if I need it.  I know summers won't always be like this, and I am trying to drink in every minute.

(I'm also grateful that your father gets up and goes to work every day so that I may spend the summer with you--swimming, and bike riding, and roaming.  Some times it is extremely unfair.)


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Barb said...

Sweet summertime. They grow so fast. Glad you can be home to enjoy their antics.