Sunday, June 12, 2016

24 | 52

Well, we are into our summer, and perhaps it is the changing of the seasons, pulling out summer clothes to see they are too short or too tight?  Or perhaps it is the end of school, with the realizations that another grade is completed and each child will move on to the next?  But whatever it is, the growth of my children has been on full measure.  A bit awesome and a bit heartbreaking.

Funny, smart, Joe Cool.  Working a full time summer job (again.)  Always needs a haircut.  Makes the best grilled cheese, and has started doing the lawn without being asked.  (Though always conveniently needs a ride into town for dates.)

Eldest Daughter.  
Becoming a lady.  Beautiful, kind, loved by all.  Excelling in school and marveling at her most recent discovery---Pinterest.

Middle Child.  
Smart as a whip.  Reading everything in the house and working on her own book.  I predict she'll be published before long.

Youngest Daughter.  
Daredevil.  Always a smudge of dirt or chocolate popsicle on her face.  Remnants of her (second) black eye.  Wonderfully spunky.

The Baby 
TROUBLE.  That is really all I have to say.

Project 52

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