Tuesday, June 7, 2016

100 Days of Summer

We are on the brink of our vacation.  I want to do a daily photography project, something along the lines of 100  days of summer, except we fall short of that....so I guess if I count Memorial day to Labor day we are about on track.  Here's a few pictures to catch up, I'm 'really' starting tomorrow.  

Here's to summer, because really, summer is awesome.  Since the light has changed and we've mentally already checked out....I feel so much more inspired.  So many things to do, so much to photograph and document.  I feel the change with my kids, they won't always be picking flowers and swinging.  Some day, and soon, they will be unimpressed, want to be with their friends, lost to phones or girl/boy friends, or jobs or who knows what.  Some of my kids are already there.

The time is fleeting.  Grab what you can.

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