Friday, May 6, 2016

Random Friday

I was watching a video blog from a professional photographer and somewhat surprised to hear he only has one of his own photographs displayed in his house.  Granted, he does more 'product' photography, but still.  I felt a little sheepish.  I use every opportunity for sharing my photographs, from cards to gifts to what is in my home.  Does that say something about me?  I guess I'd like to think it's because I love photography and my subjects, not because I love my photography so much.  Sure, sometimes I'm proud of a photograph, but mostly it's a kind of happy surprise if I manage to produce what I was intending.

I've run every day this week.

I've also been going through the change of season ritual, the sorting of the clothes.  With 5 kids, this is no easy task....and it usually continues until the next season making a perpetual clothe sorting thing going on at our house.  Finding some cute things, though.

It's been unseasonable cool here, so I've not quite grasped the fact that it is May now.

We had our first garden asparagus, and I've had my hands in the dirt several times this week.

I am planning on a very relaxing mother's day weekend.  
I hope your weekend is wonderful!


Tanya Breese said...

cute shots! it gets nice and warm and sunny here then gets cool and rainy again...not liking it! i just want warm weather to come and stay! happy mother's day!

eileeninmd said...

Hello, adorable little one! Happy Mother's Day to you!
Home grown asparagus, YUM! Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

Nancy@A Rural Journal said...

Awwww -- such cute (and fabulous) shots. Have an awesome Mother's Day Brandi -- you deserve it. :)

Snap said...

Too cute! Adorable. Have a wonderful Mother's Day. I'm afraid my running days are over, but I do try to get a nice walk in every day. I love asparagus ... lucky you! I have my photos on postcards and I've made books from my favorites. Have a lovely week.

Evelyn S. said...

Precious photos! And the first one is a prize-winner, in my book! I have 3 canvases of photos in my house but that's all. Not much wall space and we still have watercolors done by our sons when they were young and taking lessons.

The Lady Okie said...

I think it's probably the subject matter... If you paid for someone else to take pictures of your kids you would put those up, I'm
Sure! But it's nice to be able to take great shots on your own for free! I know I just have one kid, so my problem is picking which cute picture of the cute pictures to frame. Yours are all so good I bet it's hard to choose!