Thursday, May 19, 2016

Psuedo 10 on 10 :: May

Well, life has been full recently.  Full of food and family, ups and downs.  My husband was away, and now with a lull in his work we have had him around a bit more.   Hurray!  But, that has made it hard to pull away to the computer....which is usually my outlet for the 'lonely' parts of life.  But blogging is also a great way for me to reflect and assess life and motherhood and whatnot, and I do miss those little life check ins.

One of the memory keeping projects I love is the 10 on 10, day in a life posts.  Only once a month, but the date of the 10th always seems to sneak up on me!  And this month, I never really got myself together.  So, while I don't have a pure 'day'--I wanted to pull together a few things from the week of the 10th to remember...because it is those little, fleeting, bits of the every day that mean so much to me.'s a psuedo 10 on 10....

// In my Forties
// Afraid of the weed wacker
// Souvenir
// Sore Throat Cocoa
// Baby barricade
// Hat
// Banjo lessons
// New Car
// Chickies 1
// Chickies 2
// Checking things out
// Checking Chickies out


The Lady Okie said...

The chickens!!! Love it.

Kathy McB said...

The photo of the chicks...fabulous!