Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Letters to Our Children :: Mayish

Dearest Children,

We are approaching the end of the school year.  It came on me suddenly, and I feel as though I ought to approach this summer differently.  I still hope we will have quiet days with bubbles and swings and swimming, but I can't help but think now that most of you are maturing, that we might also have times for service and growth.  I spent a lot of time wondering how to manage through the summer with a lot of young children, and how to show you simple things like art or music or nature, but I think now we can start to look for ways to be productive...around the house and in our community.

Part of me also thinks about signing up for new activities or sports--ways to burn off energy or develop new skills.  It's easy as a parent to get sucked into the world or travel soccer or year round swimming or other 'specialization' because we don't want our kids left behind, but we have gone to the other extreme for the most part.  There just isn't enough time or resources to commit you all fully to intense youth sports or Suzuki violin at the tender ages our part of the world seems to embrace.  But, I think we really ought to take steps into some of this, now that I can better gauge your interests (versus my own!).

We certainly have tried a thing or two now and again (and I'm talking mostly to you girls...the first born has its privileges and the youngest of you has yet to enter this phase) , but what we do is a matter of what fits into an already full schedule, or what is cost effective.  I am sorry that we can't always make some things work.  Dance and gymnastics and year long swim clubs can cost as much in a month as a season of soccer, basketball or baseball...and with 5 of you, we have to make concessions.

I suppose when I first became a parent I tried to read into your talents immediately, wanting to enroll you each in any interest you showed.  But as I watch you grow, I realize that your strengths and talents may develop over time, or change, or suddenly show in ways we never imagined or saw before (who'd have thought the oldest of you would become a budding track star in high school?).  So instead of committing you to your first interest, we've tried to give you the space and time to find many, the confidence to try whatever you fancy and the determination to keep at what you love.   And I hope that each of you may find your passion.


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