Monday, April 4, 2016

You Had A Bad Day

I've given the age of 18 months a lot of flack.  I've even gone so far as to argue that it is easily more exhausting and frustrating to parent a toddler than a teenager.  I still stand behind that statement, as a whole, but I will say this weekend it did not ring true for me.  Yes, my toddler pitched a fit when we had to leave the playset (he's not the only one who wishes momma could make dinner while pushing him in the swing....), but my teen and tween seemed to pitch a fit at just about everything else.  And while one can forgive a cute little toddler his hissy fit (I mean, it's even kind of a cute picture:), it isn't nearly as excusable (or endearing) for the older child to stomp around whining and crying.  It was a loud Sunday at our house.

As toddlers and tweens/teens, they are both going through the same sort of phase--learning to express themselves, learning to negotiate their desires, pushing boundaries and discovering a bit of autonomy.  I get it.  But at least with the toddler, I've been there before (and I usually get a reprieve at nap time and an early bedtime).  With these teens and tweens...I'm still learning (and for crying out loud, they are awake all day, up late, and are getting smart and articulate in their arguments...and know how to Google).  Damn, I'm tired.

Some days are just going to be harder than others.  

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