Friday, April 22, 2016


My oldest son (pictured above at the age of two in the Grand Tetons) got into the car this week and announced the exact number of days until he could get his driver's license--less than a year (and he's counting).  Both shocking and exciting.  And we're planning to make use of that extra driver on a cross country expedition next summer.  Hoping to take that boy back to his birthplace in Colorado.

I've been reading 'Big Magic' and I think I love Elizabeth Gilbert.  This book really resonates with me, despite the fact that I didn't love 'Eat Pray Love.'

I've been running again and trying to eat properly.  The wonderful weather & imminent threat of wearing a swimsuit are both great motivators.

We finally replaced a broken swing on our playset in the backyard.  Looking forward to some other outdoor upgrades this season.

I think it is time to plan the garden.

Have a great weekend!


Maggid said...

The Garden!!! Yay! That is one priceless photo . . .

eileeninmd said...

Hello, Brandi! My son is 23 now and when he first got his license I was a nervous wreck. I loved the tetons, great shot of your son. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

Jarek said...

Lovely photo :-) Beautiful portrait :-)

Snap said...

Kids sure grow up quickly, don't they? Marvelous shot of your son at that young age. Time to get outside before summer comes and I hibernate. See you out in the garden! Happy Friday!