Thursday, April 21, 2016

Letters to Our Children :: April

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Dearest Children,

Well.  I've been a little stressed.  We had family to visit and sickness, and then a little more sickness, and sleepless nights and early mornings and laundry...  I've been tired.  Oh so down to my bones tired.  And short.  Very short tempered and short on patience and just coming up short all around.  But that wasn't at all what I wanted to focus on.  I'm pretty sure you are and will be well versed on my shortcomings.  I wanted to focus all the awesomeness of our family, despite all that.

A few weeks ago, your father and I went away overnight.  Now I know that your dad and I have our moments.  It isn't easy having a large family, divvying up chores and bills and pick ups and childcare.  We are both tired and doing our best.  But I want you to know that I love your dad with all my heart.  And it was so touching to me when he had a business trip and told me how great the hotel was (okay, at that first part I was a little ticked, being stuck at home!), but he continued with how much I would like it and that I should come with him sometime.  I thought the sentiment was very sweet, I just didn't imagine we'd actually make that happen.  But the very next week, there I was!

Being in a marriage isn't like the romantic ideas you see in movies or TV.  At least, not always.  It takes a lot of work.  And sometimes your father and I have to work very hard.  But sometimes, it is easy.  And stepping away from our responsibilities was a nice way to recharge.  Having time for just the two of us is special and wonderful.  But it isn't just the two of us anymore, and it makes us both so happy when we look at all of you.  You are the product of the love we have.  A mix of both of us.  A complete joy in our lives, a joy that completes our love for each other.

So it was a particular joy to come back home.  To see your faces, and feel your hugs and be together again.  And it made my heart sing to hear your grandmother tell me how helpful you all had been while we were gone.  How staying with you was fun and easy.  How we could do it again sometime.  And I hope we can.  Because being away with your dad is nice, but coming back home is just as sweet.


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The Lady Okie said...

I'm glad they did so well and you got away for a bit!