Sunday, April 24, 2016

17 | 52

There always seems to be a small measure of chaos here.  Even when kids are behaving well, when there is laughter and kind conversation and games....there's still a little chaos in the sheer number of voices wanting to be heard.  Then, of course, when there's shouting and fighting and insults, there's definitely chaos.  Most of the time, it is somewhere in between those extremes, pretty much making it crazytown here at least part of every day.  That is perhaps why I like this picture so much...despite the poor exposure (or maybe because of it) and the fact that I spent so much time trying to edit it just seems to speak to the chaos. (And maybe my futile attempts to control it.)

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Kaleen said...

I think the exposure is just perfect! I LOVE this image. You certainly captured the feeling of it all. Well