Tuesday, April 19, 2016

16 | 52

This past weekend we had family to stay.  Having anyone come stay with us is exhausting enough, being that it is hard work for the house to hold our family let alone another, but it seems like every visit with family recently has resulted in a stomach bug.  Five members of my family came down with it, including me.  So I've been a little down and out.  I did finally get to sleep after my husband came home from work yesterday (cause, of course, moms don't get sick days).  He sent me up to bed about 6:30pm and I didn't come back down for 12 whole hours.  
I feel like a (mostly) new woman.

Before the bug hit, it was a joy to see the cousins together.  We had a campfire and gorgeous weather for swings and bubbles and a visit to the Arboretum (which should be in full tulip bloom very soon).  Now the bees are buzzing and the air is sweet (the more so after you are down and out) and the dishwasher was loaded and laundry folded while I slept.  Sweeter still.  Even though it was obviously done by children....cause I don't think folding should give the clothes more wrinkles....but I do appreciate the effort!

I think all of the children are in the shadows of this shot (they all love a campfire, though some are probably to the right where the s'mores supplies were) and at least one baby cousin.  Our youngest was about to go to bed.  He fought leaving all the fun.  Sometimes we fight it, and sometimes we gratefully leave it all behind for 12 hours of sorely needed rest.

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