Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Perfect Number

When I met my husband (almost 22 years ago this spring) I remember having 'the conversation.'  The one where you share with a significant other your hopes and dreams for the future.  You know, all those fun MASH style ponderings...what kind of wedding and honeymoon, what sort of house and where, how many kids...  It's funny to think of us then in his dorm room, so wide eyed and naive, and to flash forward to now.  He came from a large family and imagined a large family.  Initially, I thought he was cute and smart and nice...and crazy.

Obviously, things moved along in the crazy, large family direction.  I'm not sure what I would have thought then if you told me where I'd be now.  At no point did we ever sit down and decide on a large family.  The first two pregnancies were long in coming.  We tried for over a year for each of them, and since we were young as it was, you'd never know it was a struggle.  Our third baby was a bit of a 'let's see what happens'....and the next two (ironically enough) more of 'um...WHAT?!?'  Now, of course, I can't imagine life any other way.

I started pondering this today as I was tending our chickens.  A predator has been picking them off all winter, and we are down to only three.  But, I was thinking how this seems like the perfect number.  They all stick together, surround us when we go outside, and seem to be laying a fair amount of eggs.  There isn't any bullying.  Everyone seems pretty happy. husband ordered 16 chicks for the spring.
Surprise, surprise.

Do you have the 'perfect' number?  Did you know how many kids you wanted, or did it change as you had them?  (And if there are any chickie mommas out there, how about your flock?)

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Christie said...

I always wanted a lot of children, but I didn't know pregnancies and childbirth and post-childbirth would be so darn hard for me. :( I need to pace and place them for the sake of the children I already have, keeping in mind my health and energy (not good) and their current needs (my older has autism). BUT. I NEVER say never.