Monday, March 28, 2016

13 | 52 {Plus One}

 Easter is my favorite holiday.  Flowers in the yard, egg hunts, candy...not to mention the whole theme of makes me feel all the good things.  Plus, nobody has a birthday for the first few months of the year (unlike the madness that is December), so I am usually a little more focused.

I do enjoy the fun and magic of kids and holidays, but as they get older, it is a little different. (Though I am truly glad candy, balloons and bubbles still get smiles). Especially with a mix of believers, the tween I'm not quite sure about (but I think with the way she has started saying specifics to me she's on the other side ('I really hope the Easter Bunny brings me a peanut butter bunny, Mom....'), and the disillusioned teen who still seems a little ticked about the whole charade of Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.  It feels less like magic, and more like 'pulling one over' on them.  It's fun, just kind of a weird place to be.

My kids spent most of the weekend outside, despite the threat of rain.  At one point on Saturday, I thought about the shot for this week.  At first I imagined them together nicely dressed for Easter.  Then I laughed, watching them run around the yard with sticks and dirty, smeared faces.  We aren't the family that looks like they just stepped out of a catalog.  There was a point when I spent a lot of time and money on clothes and matching shoes.  But eventually, there were just too many children needing clothes and shoes....and I became content with 'weather appropriate.'  Pretty soon, I'll just be glad if the girls keep themselves covered as they grow into teens.

On Easter morning we actually got a family portrait when we came home from church.  My family only gave me 2 shots, and since it was with a timer and a little dark, I did way too many enhancements in editing (when you've just gone so far that you can't even remember what the original was like), but it has us all in it, in our Sunday best, eyes open, mostly smiling....(and if my husband wasn't so anti-internet I'd share it.) the kind of thing that gets all the likes on social media.  But I prefer the shots that really tell the tale of the day.

The kids changed and played outside most of Easter afternoon.  In the shadows is our first 'plus one' at a holiday.  My son's 'lady friend' of over a year came to our Easter dinner.  It's one of those things that is hard for me to really document, if I have any qualms about the line of privacy with my own children, it is certainly worse with other people's children.  But it is a part of our story.  And I wanted to remember it just the same, so shadowy figure she is joining with the afternoon play.  It's hard to photograph, and hard to pinpoint my feelings.  Kids growing up...awesome and awful at the same time.

I hope you got the Easter portrait that is social media worthy, but mostly I hope you had all the simple pleasures and extra joys that come with holidays and are hard to photograph!


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Carie @ Space for the Butterflies said...

Happy Easter!!! From your 'real' shots it looks like a lot of fun- your littlest boy looks like he can't believe his luck!!