Friday, March 11, 2016

10 on 10 :: Spring Break {March}

I love doing a 10 on 10 and having a little insight into the tiny details of my days, and I love how over time this project has pushed me further creatively with 'the little things.'  Sometimes I do wonder if I shouldn't try a little more intention...more of the planned photograph.  I've spent a long time trying to master the art of 'catching' emotions and just life as it happens...but I think I need a project now to work on something different.  
Ideas anyone??  :)

The tenth fell during spring break, and of course, on the day that was dreary and full of toilet scrubbing and chores...and so I moshed together a little bit of everything from our week.  The weather was lovely and despite another 'staycation' we had a pretty great time.  Although we capped it off today with 4+ hours of the internet guy here trying to work some upgrades.  Hoping to throw a little fun into the afternoon.

Hope you've been enjoying lovely weather and signs of spring wherever you are!


Jessica G. said...

You always take such beautiful photos. That bike shot is an awesome perspective.

Anonymous said...

These are so lovely! I'm especially drawn to the translucent flower and to the moody lighting down the dirt road.