Monday, February 15, 2016

What day is it anyway?

 Well, we've had a snowy presidents' day.  It is presidents' day, isn't it?  It's hard for me to keep track any more.  The stomach bug is still working through our family in a very barf-o-rama, Stand By Me style.  The last two family members are down with it today, so I hope we can say goodbye soon.  Lysol and've let me down.

There were points over the weekend when everyone was well.  Of course, it was absolutely frigid outside, so the kids were assigned chores and played Uno and eventually, as always seems to be the case, ended up doing all the things they aren't supposed to ball in the house, and get loud and physical...and instead of fighting it I just took pictures.  I'm weak and tired...and enabling.  What can I say?  Nothing got broken and no one hurt...and now we can start counting the days until spring.

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