Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Somewhere else

This morning all the bells and whistles went off to let us know there'd be no school due to the weather.  I don't usually mind, but after the past week or so of illness and isolation, today I needed to do something else or be somewhere else.  So I sat at the computer and tried to find a warm and happy and sunny place in all those folders of pictures.  And then I vented all my frustrations at my husband as he walked out the door, getting to do something else and go somewhere else himself.

Yep, I'm crushing it today.

I can't catch a flight out of town, I can't even manage to get a morning out for coffee, but I will vow to look for productive ways to deal with my circumstances.  I'll surround myself with warm memories...and be a little kinder to those I love.  And perhaps I'll even look at the want ads and reassess where I am and where I'm going...because it seems far too often anymore that I feel lost in a world of something and somewhere else.

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