Monday, February 1, 2016

Never a dull moment

I was venting my frustrations at the winter doldrums (but mostly venting at my husband) on Friday morning, and a bit of serendipity (and a bit of my husband) had us catching flying balls of rice and taking hits of sake at a hibachi grill on Friday night.  As we were packing up to leave, my husband said teasingly, 'we never do anything fun, do we?'  Very cute, dear.  I'm not proud of the hissy fit I had that morning, but I do appreciate the fact that sometimes the hubs is actually listening.

The rest of the weekend was a little dull, but as I was putting kids to bed Sunday night, noting a few listless looking children, feeling foreheads and anticipating a winter bug, I realized that dull can be good.  While things may feel a little boring, we haven't had major dramas either.  No problems at school, no issues with the extended family, no major health or wellness concerns.

My biggest concerns are the tween who now shoots me the occasional 'look' when asked do her chores, the teen who is talking about taking drivers ed (is that possible?), and the baby who takes in everything.  There is just so much more for him to take in than there ever was for the other kids at that age.  But luckily, most of what he has to see is sort of uneventful.  In a lovely kind of way.

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amanda | wildly simple said...

(BIG satisfied sigh.)
Yes! For us it's getting the soon to be high school graduates on the path that's right for them. The new teenager, who I keep forgetting is now a teenager. The girl-tween... such a sensitive time at moments. And yes.. the youngest taking in so much more than the others at his age. But thankful for the incredibly (sometimes mundane) level of "normal" that we are.
Your words remind me of this fall.. Our 7th grader (then still 12 years old) had to write a narrative essay on a turning point that changed his in his life, specifically an obstacle he'd overcome in life.
We were STUMPED! It made me realize how "normal" life has been for him. No obstacles. No divorce. No loss of a loved one. No moving to a new city. No overcoming his days as a street fighter. Heck, he'd never even had detention. Just a typical kid living a good kid life. No all that eventful. We were given perspective that uneventful can be good. :)
I very much enjoyed this post, from a parallel plane, Brandi!