Thursday, February 11, 2016

Karma and Catch up

Several rounds of the stomach bug raging through our house have knocked me out of the game for a while.  I suppose that is Karma saying, 'oh, so you think your life is dull, eh?'  Yeah, I get it, I get it.  I'll take dull any day over a week of sleepless nights, ginger ale, crackers and laundry.  Oh, the laundry.  Four of us have been down so far, here's hoping the buck stops here.  What are the chances?

Right before the stomach bug hit, we did get out for a night of family fun.  The littlest was out of his mind excited, as soon as he got his hands on a balloon sword, he was attacking everyone in his path.  Such a little boy.  Then he'd run over and repeatedly try to steal a pair of little girls sparkly pink shoes left outside the bounce house.  

The rest of the weekend was mellow...
and then it's a blur of sleepless nights and the pitter patter of feet running to the bathroom.

In other news...the baby got some real shoes.  He cried for a good half hour in Target, I guess protesting the confining nature?  But now, he gets pretty excited about them.  It's one of those things that automatically ages your child.  I mean seriously...what the hell happened...

We did a little embracing of the camera too.  Because the shoes were just too much for me, I guess.  Seems like this time last year, we were constantly snuggling in bed enjoying a sort of hibernation as much as we could.  And some days feel like we just need a change of scenery to keep this constantly moving, whirling dervish of destruction occupied.

Amazing the difference a year can make.

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Carie @ Space for the Butterflies said...

Oh what is it with shoes and making little boys look all grown up? Pip's in his second paid already and he looks older by the minute!