Monday, January 18, 2016

Letters To Our Children :: January

Dearest Children,

As you know, I've been working on another family photo album.  Every now and again I'll get out my supplies and the dining room table is lost to sorted piles of pictures and the floor to a cover of confetti paper scraps.  I love the process of doing this, especially at the turn of the year, as it allows me to surround myself in the special moments from the past twelve months and to feel so grateful for all I have.

The baby tends to steal the spotlight right now.  He is growing so fast and while we all delight in him, I hope you know how much we all delighted when each of you did those same things.  Your father and I see a piece of each of you in him--and with each accomplishment of his, we find ourselves reliving all of your first steps, first words, and wobbly walks.  That boy is a lucky one to have such awesome big sisters and brother to look after him (try to appreciate this, littlest man of mine.)  And photographing all of you together has been a real joy.

I hope some day you will look back on these photographs and books and see the wonderful memories, all the joy and love that our home was filled with in your childhood.  I hope you don't roll your eyes at each other and mutter under your breath about how your mother had her camera in your faces all the time.  Please know that the pictures I take are like a gratitude journal for me.  These moments with you kids are what I am most grateful for.


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K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy said...

Such a sweet letter and beautiful photos! I love snapping pictures of my kids. I think it's important for preserve our memories so that we can look back them year after year. Motherhood has definitely made me more grateful.

Jessica G. said...

Such beautiful words to your children. I just gave birth five weeks ago to my third child and it's amazing how true your words are. It is allowing me to relive the first weeks with my other children as well, complete with going back and looking at old photos of them.

MJ Jacks said...

These photos are beautiful. I keep saying I'm going to do almbums but I haven't. 2016 is the year. Thank you for the inspiration. Your children will love this forever. My sisters and I still flip through old family albums. The memories are priceless.

Joyce Brewer said...

OMGoodness those are lovely photos of your children.
They adore him!