Friday, January 29, 2016


This morning I awoke to more flurries...and more gray skies.
I realized it was Friday, though.


Unfortunately, a combination of kids' activities and my husband's work schedule guaranteed today to be just like every other day this week.  The same old, same old.  I'd like to say I quietly accepted my lot and this season of my life and didn't have some sort of massive hissy fit at my husband before he left this morning...
yes, I'd like to say that.

It's not my husband's fault.  He is a hard worker and great provider, and he's also funny and smart and easy on the eyes.  But sometimes the days run together, the bath times and bedtimes, the dinner and dishes, the same four walls every day.  It can start to close in on you.  Sometimes slowly, and sometimes with amazing claustrophobic force.

I did eventually rally and get some motivational energy (or a few shots of espresso) to tackle the clutter and make the most of these walls that surround me.  But of course, the littlest man found an open container of baking soda, and can not only get into the spice cabinet but now also open the spices.  A pile of things grew on the counter top to keep them out of his reach, and scattered messes were left on the floor.  Eventually I tried to implement child proofng techniques--that only resulted in an extra 20 minutes of me trying to get into the trash can.  Now there is trash piling on my counter top, too.

I got the babe down for an early nap, then cleaned up the mess the dog made when she found the trash on the counter top...and not only do I no longer have the motivation to clean the clutter and scrub the floors, but I will also choose the chocolate in the cabinet over the youtube video promising to work my abs and booty.

I'm not sure how to beat the doldrums of January, short of catching a flight to an island...cause that ain't happening.  I can't afford to take this brood anywhere, and it's just as hard to try and leave them behind.  I've tried switching out pictures in the frames around the house and reorganizing knick knacks and even found a cozy 'new' chair at a used furniture store.  Next I guess I'll hit the library and try to live vicariously through someone else's journey of self discovery while traveling Europe.


How 'bout you?  How do you beat the doldrums?

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The Lady Okie said...

Living vicariously through characters in books is always a good idea :) My mom is really good at rearranging furniture to make a room look totally different! Changing out pictures is a good idea too.