Sunday, January 24, 2016

4 | 52 Scenes from the Storm

When the first big storm of the winter doesn't come until the near end of January, it is pretty exciting.  At least until there are wet hats and gloves and random boots all competing for warmth by the fireplace.  Yesterday was fun, but I am glad that today most of the family is out and about so that I can clean up the storm aftermath.

It is amazingly hard to catch all five of the kids together, especially in the 'candid' fashion I am aiming for, but at least I caught a brief moment--older kids helping uncover and load up firewood--younger kids looking on from inside.  And once again, they were soon off on their own adventures.

 The 52 Project


Kathy McB said...

Well now I know not to count on my daughter, who as at Penn State, for an accurate gauge of how much snow she got! She told me 1 inch! haha.

Jessica G. said...

You always take such beautiful and stunning images of your children. They are an inspiration to me.