Wednesday, January 20, 2016

15 Going on 16

For the past week, as my toddler is a 15 going on 16 month old, I've wanted to sit down and write about the trials and tribulations of this age, and why, for me, it is by far the hardest phase of parenting (being that my oldest is a 15 going on 16 year old).  But, of course, I've got a toddler and a teenager...and three girls in sitting down and doing anything is pretty hard to come by.

I realize this age isn't 'the worst' for others.  Unfortunately, I've spent time with people who don't take it as seriously as I do.  And instead of vacationing, I was the one shagging their toddler off the stairs when someone left a gate open, or fishing the sparkler out of the toddler's mouth when they snatched one from an older sister.  Some people manage to flit through this phase without the panic attacks I seem to encounter multiple times every day.  And their children live on to go to grade school.

So perhaps I should relax a little.  But I don't see how.  This child of mine is now 'running'--which is really just a fast walk that is on the verge of falling, constantly.  This is why he always has a bruise of some sort on his forehead, twice already today he has fallen on or near random corners of walls and cabinets.  Sure, I worry about accidents with my teenager.  But not every time he crosses the room.

Of course, most of the common toddler concerns--sleep patterns and giving up the bottle and even potty training--are small potatoes compared to what comes later--sex, drugs, drinking, driving, gainful employment.  But while those teenage concerns seem to have greater consequences, they aren't as all consuming for me as keeping my toddler from ingesting anything and everything he finds on the floor.  My babe has recently started making a 'choking' noise which strikes fear right through me.  He is really just stretching his vocal chords.  I, on the other hand, clutch my chest and have heart palpitations every time I hear him.  He finds it hilarious.

Maybe having a toddler while having a teenager has overshadowed the fear of the teenage years.  Maybe I would be way more focused on the life altering consequences of what my older son could get himself into, but I am too tired from the physicality of keeping his younger brother from the life altering consequences of eating poison, or choking or falling from heights or...sorry, gotta go shag him off the stairs....

When I'm not thoroughly exhausted, I will admit these toddler years are adorable.
(And yes, he just loved being bundled up like this....  No.  No, he didn't.
But a toddler straight jacket isn't a bad idea at all.)


The Lady Okie said...

It's comforting to know that even with child #5 you still have this fear. I have a feeling I will be the exact same way. We've started feeding R, and she's made some gagging noises (because duh she's never encountered anything chunkier than milk), but it sounds like choking and my heart stops every time. I might not make it through the falling/running stage....

Tom said...

look at me go!

amanda | wildly simple said...

I adore that photo!

I think you make a good point here that I relate to well! My worries are different as the kids get older. Not so draining and demanding of constant vigilance and dashing about aving their lives every other second. A good friend of mine, about my age, has three babes age 3 and under right now. She is DRAINED. So much demand on a mom at that babe to toddler phase!

Wishing you power hours of sleep at night and energy boosts throughout your days. ;)

Christopher Kerry Scott Sophie Johnson said...

she is cute.