Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December First

We are all pretty happy at our house to usher in December.  There is just so much to celebrate and be thankful for this year.  I am determined to make it a great month, to count blessings and find a way to spread a little joy every day.  Instead of working toward one chaotic week of teacher gifts and baked goods for the neighbors piled onto the hoopla that is Christmas for a family of seven, I'm hoping to spread it out all month long.  And I'm trying really hard to be intentional and thoughtful.  

Instead of stuff, I'm trying to work in experiences as gifts--not just for my kids, but everyone on my list.  I've just had enough with the stuff!  I'm giving the gift of movie tickets (hello Star Wars), sewing classes, ice skating, frozen yogurt and coffee gift cards, and maybe a little ear piercing (if I can convince the big man to go along this year.)

The garland of stockings on the wall behind the little man (pictured) are labeled for Advent, and they're holding bits of candy, coins, soon some $2 bills, and hopefully something a little special for the 3 birthdays we'll be celebrating.  I also want to slip in a 'good deed' each day...(and luckily I'm not the first to think of it--ideas here, here, and here).  For right now it feels like I'm adding more to December than I have in the past, but I really hope I can drop the 'perfect' expectations and stuff to focus on what is really important.

Here's to a month long celebration of joy and love!
Hope you are feeling as motivated as I am at the beginning of December!  
And I hope it lasts until the new year!


Anonymous said...

Love the good deeds idea(s). I think I'll do some myself. Love looking at your pictures and reading about your family. My parents had a boy, three girls, and another boy. Your blog makes me remember my wonderful childhood. Thanks.

Hilde said...

Coming by over here always makes me smile. Your blog is full of happiness and good vibrations.
Have a wonderful last month of the year!