Saturday, December 12, 2015

11 on 11

There was a lot of frustration today, and it has followed right along into the creation of this post.  We are now into the time in which the toddler, while completely and utterly adorable, makes accomplishing anything in life rather impossible.  And so, I will leave the misaligned photographs in this post as a representation of my life now.  And it will drive me bonkers.

// Getting inconsistent results with my frothing
// Battle of the buldge
// Oops
// Troublemaker
// Getting dressed giggles
// Bringing home the gingerbread
// Going out
// At the arb
// Darkness setting
// Getting crazy
// Helping with dinner

1 comment:

Hilde said...

As always gorgeous pictures Brandi! Of course style of 'the house'!