Sunday, November 29, 2015


Thanksgiving has recently become a favorite holiday for me.  Counting blessings and spending time together as a family is really what it's all about.  Sure, I love the decorations and hubbub of Christmas, but the older I get the more superficial the whole thing feels, and I hope to try and reign in a little of the magic I used to feel in December.  It is altogether possible that I am my own worst enemy, trying to do too much or make the Christmas holiday more than what it needs to be.  

Take for instance, the Christmas card.  Now, I love photography, and I love a photography project...and it doesn't get much better than the Christmas card as a photography project!  But considering the vastness of the photographs I have on my computer, it would be pretty easy to make up a card ahead of the rush and put my energy to better use come holiday crunch time.  But is like some sort of obsession with me.  A 'nice' picture isn't enough.  There has to be 'something special'--the first flurries, or the journey through a Christmas tree farm or just that extra holiday spirit that you can't photograph in, it has to be done in the thick of the holiday madness...because it isn't December unless I am baking one of 3 birthday cakes for the kids, some treats for the neighbors, shopping, wrapping, and addressing Christmas cards at the last minute.

I'm trying  very hard to pace myself this year, and to really take the time to see what is important.  It matters to me that I send a message to the people I care about over the holidays, but the words and gesture mean so much more than the stress of the 'perfect picture.'  And this year I want to enjoy December, not just get through it.

I hope you have too many blessings to count this holiday season, 
but that you slow down and savor as many as you can.  

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