Friday, October 9, 2015


I'm in a bit of a rut.  Just a bit.  Mostly I'm very happy and well adjusted and cleaning bathrooms and feeling on top of things.  But, let's face it, laundry and shopping and being a mom are not the most exciting things in the world...and I happen to feel that full force today as I sit down to fill this here space with what feels like the same old, same old.

I've battled this for over a decade now, the whole idea that being a mom is boring and tedious, even when you are on top of it.  I've learned to enjoy the little things, to see that I would rather be here with my kids than anywhere else--that even a morning in the park can be full of beauty and discovery.  We've made it to the park to enjoy several such mornings this week.

But then there are days like today.  Clouds are rolling in, the baby is teething or getting sick or who knows what since he can't talk yet and he won't nap and I'm trying really hard not to eat all that darn pumpkin flavored stuff I bought at Trader Joe's yesterday (the tortilla good!  Who knew?) as I battle the frustration of dealing with his poor little cranky self.  We will always have times like these, even in what seem like the most glamorous of lives.  Or so I tell myself.

Some days you just have to hunker down and deal with it.  Other days you get to stop and smell the flowers.  Hoping your weekend is filled with the latter.


Debbie said...

being a mom, the toughest job in the world....and it's not like t.v., not even a little. most peeps don't talk about it....if you do, you're a bad mom. i loved it when i was doing it, now i look back and realize maybe i wasn't in love with what i was doing as much as i thought. my boys are grown and gone, and i really miss them BUT i love this. just me and the hubs, long walks, naps, scrapbooking and eating out. i like this, i really like this!!!!

that was awesome but this is awesome too!!! i really hear you and applaud your honesty!!!

Momista Beginnings said...

Goodness, I can COMPLETELY relate. And I've only been doing this Mom gig for 3.5 years now, with two girls. I struggle, daily, with thoughts like these. No, I don't want any other job, BUT, I wan't "weekends". I mean like days off that you get with a "regular" job. I'm giving so much of myself that I don't even know what I like anymore: hobbies, interests, passions. I wish life was sprinkled with a little more excitement, spontaneity, freedom and adult conversations right now. But, I know this is only a phase. I know that what I'm doing is for the greater good of my girls, even though it's not in-my-face obvious right now. I know that the seeds I'm planting and nourishing will turn into such beauty. Digging deep within to find the strength to believe these things with all of my heart, each day, is an understatement. I'm talking deep. Thanks for sharing.