Tuesday, September 8, 2015

What I did with my weekend

I've been working on getting pictures off my computer, and I've spent the past few weeks going through folders on the computer, reediting some of the old, sad digitized first shots of my first and second born, and trying to envision layouts and sizes and whatnot for albums.  I uploaded and ordered a massive wave of prints, and on Friday a box full of memories showed up on my doorstep.  Naturally, I spent the weekend swimming through the years.

I feel like this sort of thing should be savored, slowly, but I'm just a fast and furious sort.  I continue to find frustration, the layouts not necessarily working out like I envision, yet they have taken on a sort of eclectic mix that I have to admit has become appealing.  I still think I'll try my hand at an online Blurb or Artifact Uprising yearlong album in the future, but for now, this has been working.  Or at least I've spent too much money on it to think otherwise.

There isn't really a page layout for the album size I decided to work with that fits a portrait 4x6 (or equivalent) without cropping...so I've starting just using the pictures on their own, with holes right through to add them.  I suppose it's not the best thing for the longevity of the picture, but I like the mix up of textures and sizes.

 So far I've covered most of 2000 until 2009 and last year's 2014.  It's those years between that will get me, when I really started to get into photography and have more pictures in a week than some months from way back.  But for now I think I need a break to reengage in the current times.

Are you a memory keeper?  Got any interesting projects or processes?  Do share!


Adrienne said...

Oh, you know I am! LOVE this. I did a ton of editing over the weekend, determined to get this summer into a scrapbook - haven't done a big book just for myself for way too long! You might want to add clear reinforcements


to the holes you punched in the photos. I'm torn - cause they'd help the photos hold long term, but not sure if they are photo safe. Have to look some more to see if I can find a photo safe variety to share with you.

The Lady Okie said...

I love love it! I like the idea of hole punching those 4x6s. You got through so much! Looks great.

Christie said...

I used to be really big into scrapbooking. I used a sort of collage method that incorporated not just the pre-made craft items for that specific purpose but also real scraps of things from experiences, like tickets, fliers, wrappers, etc. It's not really possible to do while I have a very active child who would color and/or rip everything up, though! So I'm looking forward to later.