Thursday, September 24, 2015


I am feeling pretty good.  It's amazing how getting one part of your life together can have some sort of organizational spill over into other areas.  Working years past into albums has had that effect (I've even got a little jump on an album for 2015).  I'm making my way through photographs and into closets, under beds and even wrangling power cords and phone chargers.  It's quite lovely to clear the clutter.  It's almost as though I can breathe again.  

I hope to stay on top of this.  I have a few missing years to fill from the past and want to work through present day photographs in a more timely fashion.  My plan is to get a folder on the desk top where I add pictures for printing (editing through past years as I can and hoping to go through monthly and add the new favorites) so that when a sale or promotion comes along (40% off prints!  101 prints free!) I can simply upload the folder and print away.  I've also got my supplies organized and waiting.  Hopefully I can keep an eye on sales to supplement the embellishments, and I'd love to get a new printer online so that I can download some freebies.

 A week into full out weaning, and the infusion of coffee is definitely showing.


The Lady Okie said...

I'm so impressed you're doing all that! Your pages look great!

Carie @ Space for the Butterflies said...

I am in awe! The extent of my organisation is that my 52 project photos have a folder. I love the thought of being ready to go the moment a special offer lands in your lap!