Tuesday, September 15, 2015


 Well, it's official.  We survived the first year.  This little guy had his cake and washed it down with his first taste of milk (not from mom) and I made a video and got all weepy.  Partly weepy because of all the changes and partly the hormones and partly the fact that I made several 'free' videos that ended up with strings attached that simply wouldn't be shared.  Live and learn...and cry in your coffee.

Weaning has been different from the other kids.  I know with all four of them I went cold turkey, and I don't remember any issues.  But, this guy decided to start teething and waking at night in the days approaching his birthday, and we've been nursing an awful lot...so the weaning process will have to be more gradual.  He took to milk pretty well, but I nursed him twice yesterday and once this morning already...partly because of him but mostly because I was too backed up.  It will work itself out, I know...but hubby gave me an espresso machine for our anniversary and I've been so geared up for the day I can drown myself in coffee and go on a massive caffeine induced cleaning spree.  All in good time.

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Carie said...

Happy Birthday little one! He is so incredibly cute and I can't believe how grown up he looks already!!