Sunday, September 27, 2015

Book! Book! Book!

Not only have I been working on piece together style family albums over the past few months, but I have also done a few online albums as well.  I wanted to do these more for the little family adventures, trips, weddings, etc., that come up throughout the year.  I did two small ones via Artifact Uprising, and I love them.  The paper and printing are very good and the album itself feels quite substantial.  I feel like the size and durability of them make for a good 'brag album' and sent ones to family members as gifts.  

I recently made use of (finally!) one of the free books from Shutterfly (top left).  I did one for the baby's first year, somewhat begrudgingly since I love the Artifact Uprising so much.  But it did turn out nicer than I expected.  The printing was good, but the size and thinness of pages and cover make it more magazine-like, and so I fear bent/ripped pages more so than with the other album.  But free is free...I even had a credit that paid for I guess I can't argue that!

Overall, though, I am a total fan of Artifact Uprising.  They are a bit more pricey, and the 'sales' aren't awesome (but I did get a promotion after signing up for emails and got 25 prints for free!  That was very nice!)  Shutterfly did the job, and the promotions seem nearly constant!  But I will continue to look for companies and deals...except I was hoping for a little more continuity in the books--so I'd like to settle down on a size and style as I'm adding books.

How about you?  Do you have a company for printing or products that you love?

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Jessica G. said...

The first shutterfly book I ordered, I was pretty disappointed with the quality. But the company I had faithfully ordered from for years shut down, so that left me in a bind. I learned that if you upgrade the quality of album with shutterfly, it really does make the book a much nicer quality. But it also takes a free book and makes it about $15-20.