Tuesday, September 8, 2015


 Unfortunately, being the youngest of a gaggle of children often means being 'contained' somehow while older children are having their fun.  At least it does at our house.  Eventually, he will have his fun chasing and getting into trouble, but I do the best I can to prevent these troubles while he is still so young.  It often has left me wondering that he isn't getting the opportunities to develop certain skills...and when he wasn't pulling up or standing, we took measures to make sure he had more opportunities for certain kinds of troubles.

Last night I tried to contain him while his sisters took a last dip in the pool to celebrate the long weekend.  I wasn't feeling well, and it is a small pleasure to be able to sit on the side while older swimmers swim...but eventually, he'd had enough of the sidelines.  And a little late summer skinny dipping ushered out the season.

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