Monday, August 3, 2015


I was off on an adventure this past weekend with my mother and brothers.
In an RV.
With the baby.

I was sick to my stomach all last week imagining the horror of a screaming baby during the 9-10 hour drive, while trying to sleep at night, or during the return trip.  It wasn't easy, but it wasn't any worse than I imagined.  We survived with lots of help from my family, and we were able to see my Nana again for the first time since she went to live with my well as long lost second (or third?) cousins.

I've been swimming in childhood memories and marveling at the twists and turns life takes. You never really know what the future holds.  Make the most out of today...even if it means biting your lip and climbing into an RV with a 10 month old.  And a pack of earplugs.  Just in case.

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