Sunday, August 23, 2015


 Twice while we were out yesterday random strangers guestimated his age at 18 months.  

18 months??!?

He's got three weeks until his first birthday, and he isn't all that big or anywhere close to walking...I can only imagine that our choice of clothing--super hero t shirt and shorts--made him look so much the little boy instead of baby.  It breaks my heart a little.

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Suzy Mae said...

What a gorgeous smile :) They grow up so very fast don't they.

Adrienne said...

What a sweet, happy way to greet the day! He's a precious one! I'm guessing that it's the eye contact and alert expressions that throw people off...those older siblings have brought out the personality in this little treasure!! {also, almost ONE??!! What??!!}

amanda | wildly simple said...

What a shot! Batman rocks, but not as much as his smile.
Our twins (they have full beards now.. .. my mind is trying to wrap around that at the moment while I think about them as babies like it was yesterday) were often thought to be older than they were, and I think it was because they had hair like your little guy. Some people just don't understand that some babies aren't bald til they're three. :)