Thursday, July 16, 2015


I was putting clothes away and cleaning up in our tiny 'master' bedroom today, the one we share with our 10 month old, when I looked at the babe playing in his crib and were things before?  I didn't really mean it as an existential question about what my life was before him, I was quite literally wondering what was in that place in our room where the crib is now.  And I couldn't remember.  Was that where the laundry basket would sit until I put away clothes?  Did we pile up dirty clothes there, or have a hamper?  A dog bed?  A sewing bucket?  No memory.  I know I thought there was no way there'd be enough room for a baby in our tiny bedroom with us.

This time last year I was setting that crib up, belly big, hanging the mobile and putting itty bitty clothes and newborn diapers into those baskets...waiting and wondering how a new baby was going to fit into our lives.

We've certainly had our share of adjustments, but we've been pretty good roommates so far.  In fact, we've done a rather excessive amount of snuggling in bed here in this room.  There's a lot of light, and it was the best place to spend my mornings in the winter.  I've taken a lot of photographs here and most of my newborn/baby memories are tied up in these sheets and the sun coming up over the crib.

I know it feels like I'm talking about a first baby when he is actually the fifth child.  But considering the gap of 6 years between he and his closest sibling, it was a bit of a shock to the system when he came.  And the adjustments continue now that he is a wriggling, wrestling, soon to be on the move ball of uncontrolled energy.  Tiny baby blob strapped into a car seat or swaddled in my arms?  Easy.  Ten month old creature using all limbs to push off me as I try to hold him at the free 'Read it/Watch it' showing of James and the Giant Peach?  No so much.

(Yes, it is madness to take a 10 month old to the movies.  I know.  But it was free.  And we just read the book.  And...madness was expected.  But it was even worse than that!)

I've got lots of help from the older kids, and I really shouldn't complain.  I knew one of the hardest parts of having another child would be trying to keep up with the older kids.  And I'm old.  But I'm multitasking on a level that my 25 year old, mother-of-one self would marvel at.   And the love, people.  The love just grows and grows.  All around.

I'm amazed that when we first put an addition onto our house and moved into our new 'master' bedroom, I lamented the fact that we had never welcomed a baby in that room.  And now I'm so happy to say that we have.  I wouldn't have done it any other way.

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Kathy McB said...

Swooning over that shot of him in the crib with the backlighting! I have a 10 year gap between my youngest and middle child. It IS an adjustment to be sure. But now that my youngest is headed to Penn State this fall...I'm totally kicking myself I didn't have yet another! Enjoy! It WILL go too quickly!