Friday, July 3, 2015


This isn't my first rodeo.  It isn't the first time I've watched a baby grow and develop, the first time I've felt the twinge of doubt or concern when baby isn't doing X activity by Y time frame.  But, yes, I am a little less milestone focused.  I've seen it go down with other children, especially #3, who was a late talker, wearing glasses by the age of 2 and could barely be understood at 3.  I sent her to preschool with a laundry list of concerns for her teachers, had her speech evaluated, and wrung my hands excessively.

They all told me she was fine.  In fact, quite bright.  And it wasn't long until she proved them right.  She was reading fluently before kindergarten and is in fact quite brilliant.  I'm almost convinced she's got a photographic memory.  Now that doesn't pan out for all kids, I know.  But getting upset by a set of milestones that may or may not mean anything doesn't do anybody any good either.

So when the girls and I took the baby to his 9 months check up and he was doing less of the milestones than I had imagined, there was a little concern.  Just a tad.

Is he crawling?
Sleeping through the night?
Hell no.
Feeding himself?
No.  (I've got a choking phobia, this one could be my fault as to what I allow him to do.)

And a week or two later, when someone was playing pat-a-cake with him and he started clapping...there may have been a few sighs of relief.  Not that I doubted him.  But sometimes it is nice to get a little reassurance.

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Carie said...

Oh this made me giggle in sympathy - it sounds very similar to Pip's nine month check up - he is crawling but apparently they thought he should be pulling to stand and picking up toys off the floor while leaning against the sofa - his sisters weren't and he isn't though he did surprise me by clapping two blocks together for the health visitor's benefit and standing flat footed holding onto me - the boys will get there in their own time, but it's nice to know that I'm not the only one without super high achieving gross motor skills babies!