Thursday, July 30, 2015

Best Laid Plans

I'm typing this in my running clothes, as a storm passes over our house.  I did not beat the storm, I was stopped in my tracks at the door.  Instead, I spent the morning baking zucchini bread, muffins and brownies and will now eat my way to a larger spare tire instead of running off some of it.  The best laid plans...

I've been going through pictures this past week, sorting old digital files into folders intent on making a few 'first year' albums.  It didn't seem right to make one for the youngest at the end of his first year, without having a collection of his older siblings to add it to.  So, I figured I'd make a small album for each of them with a limited number of pictures (to not make any one child feel more important due to the overabundance of photographs versus another child)....  

And then last night I was stopped in my tracks.  My poor middle child.  The photographs on my computer stop at 10 months and don't appear again until about 17 months.  No first birthday.  No toddling steps.  Only one shot of her standing and clinging to the coffee table.  And even her birth and early months are pretty poorly represented compared to any of her siblings.

I was probably too busy juggling a third child, and I'm guessing I took pictures but they were lost when we had a computer crash a few years ago.  Back then I didn't think to back up or make books, but I sure wish I had.'s amazing how they take you back to places and moments easily forgotten.   And now I've got this gap in time.  I'm going to rack my brains to remember what some of those moments were like so I can document it for her somehow.

Get a decent camera when you have your first child.
Back up your pictures.
Make those albums.
Your future self will thank you.

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Carie said...

I'm working on the backing up bit! Most of my pictures are on the external hard drive but I think my blog is my main backup!! And the baking sounds much more enticing than the running!