Friday, June 12, 2015

Thump, thump, thump (one, two & three)

The baby had me up at 4am on this the second day of summer.  I stole away downstairs after I thought I had him back to sleep, but the thump thumping of his little feet could be heard above me as I worked on a few blog changes.  Changes done with a click of the mouse from my office chair are the easiest kind to make these change of scenery wanderlust will have to go unrequited a bit longer.

(And I came across some blog comments I'd never even my thanks and apologies if you are still reading!  I do appreciate comments and try to reconnect when I can.)

Thumps turned to cries and while I returned upstairs with a sigh of frustration, I had to smile the moment those little baby eyes met mine.  I scooped him up to get some return to bed snuggles.  But, he did not snuggle...instead, he headbutted me in the lip, scratched my eye, and when I yawned he stuffed his fingers down my throat.  My barking gag made him laugh and so I barked and snuffled him for a good 5 minutes of belly laughs.  Then he rolled over and tried to use his newly found pincer grasp on the moles on his dad's back.  So much for snuggling.

Yep, mornings like this are like a little baby middle finger.

We've had ice cream for dinner, been in and out of the pool by 10am, done sparklers, blown bubbles, been through the sprinkler and wrestled our way through an outdoor concert.  Hoping at some point to get some leisurely morning sleep ins.  And I'll hope to document it all with a mini summer photo a day project.  Perhaps to convince myself of the fun I am having, or perhaps to capture it for a time when I am awake enough to appreciate it.

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Nicki said...

you had me at ice cream for dinner. Enjoy the crazy that is summer and kids and life and ... did I mention ice cream. :)