Saturday, June 27, 2015

Putting Away the Dishes

It's pretty easy to feel like a failure as a parent.  There are plenty of ways for our shortcomings to be exposed...tantrums in public, private bits of our lives the kids reveal to strangers, the criticism of 'well meaning' friends and family, the perfection extravagance of social media and pinterest in which we compare ourselves.  But the fact is that sometimes it takes a while to get to a place that feels successful.  Or perhaps it takes a while to feel the successes we are having.

I've wanted to start a chore chart for years.  Every summer I would brainstorm how to make it happen, even buy supplies and pin ideas on pinterest.  But it wasn't until this summer that we started, finally, getting real chores done with any regularity.  There is no chart, no magic pin that made it happen.  I just happen to be in the right frame of mind, able to prioritize and happen to have the right age kids to respond.

It is often hard to see the big picture when you are wading in the trenches of parenthood.  It feels like there is always something going wrong, some extra place where the kids (or I) need guidance.  But you've got to keep going.  Stay calm and carry on.  Tomorrow is a new day.  You never know what little success might be around the corner.  You've just got to keep an eye out.  They are there waiting to be found.

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