Thursday, June 11, 2015

Not in the Sweet Spot

So the summer has begun.  I have not been able to approach it with my normal vim and vigor, mostly because I am no longer in the sweet spot.  It's certainly easier having a baby this time around, but there is still a lot of baggage that goes with having a baby, whether or not you've done it before.  If nothing else, the physicality of it all...getting up at night, carrying the baby, changing diapers, nursing...nevermind trying to 'get your body back' with a little jogging.  Now I'm tired and ravenously hangry all the time. (Yes hangry.  So hungry I'm angry.  All the time.)

Oh, and I'm old too.

Despite the all day hanger, I'm still at least putting in the effort of starting the summer on the right note.  So last night, I took most of the gang over to the local arboretum for an open air concert.  A light classical music concert in the gardens to calm those frazzled end of year nerves.

The weather was divine, and I could've handle this little guy stretching out his vocal cords to join in the concert. just seemed like his sisters were all over the place.  One minute smothering other times smothering each other.  The oldest trying to help, but with a lot of loud shushing or stop it that only came out louder and more distracting than the initial offending behavior.  And meanwhile it just seemed like everyone else was having a very mellow, relaxing time...with our family wrestling match in the middle of it.

 And, of course, with me trying to photograph this lovely light and 'mellow' scene.  Eventually, we just had to abandon ship.  Which worked out fine since I was due to pick up the oldest of my monkey children anyway.  And we danced our way to the car discussing what could have made our outing better.  Aside from a bottle of wine, that is.

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The Lady Okie said...

Well, the light sure was lovely, as is your family. I can't say I know what that feels like to not have that mellow evening everyone else seems to be, but I'll be there soon probably! I'm the oldest of 4, and I absolutely love having a big(ish) family, and I'm sure your kids will only remember the fun parts about going out to events like this, even if you had to leave early ;)

Nasreen said...

Good on you for getting out! But yeah, bring that bottle of wine next time (and a driver..)

Carie said...

I think trying counts! And the light and your pictures are beautiful so I don't think it was a total loss!

erica @ that wild road said...

oh gosh, i sure remember that eternal hunger stage. like, the world will totally end if you do not eat something, right? haha. i think i totally freaked out some of my non parent friends with that.
anyway, looks summery wonderful. great portraits!