Monday, June 15, 2015

Nine Months

 Nine Months Old.
One snaggle tooth.
Pointer finger unfurled.
Pincer grasp on the scene.

I can't understand how quickly this little guy went from a lumpy bumpy baby to the squirmy little guy he is now.  How did this happen?  I know it goes fast.  I know.   But sometimes you just seem to wake up and find the time has gone.  I swear I was paying attention.  I was drinking it in.  But it just slipped away nonetheless.

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Carie said...

Suddenly in a flash he seems to have gone from all baby, to quite a bit of a little boy in there too - when did that happen! He's still absolutely adorable!

Nasreen said...

I know what you's great to have this project to remember that yes, he was a lumpy bumpy baby. Love the pic of him napping!