Thursday, June 25, 2015


I knew there'd be days like these.  Days when I could be lounging poolside, when I should be doing any number of chores, but I find myself instead in a battle of wills with an overtired, teething 9 month old who desperately needs a nap.  I will spend an entire beautiful, perfect summer afternoon in this fashion, and I will tip toe away claiming success more than once only to later taste defeat.  And the taste of defeat can come in the form of a 5 o'clock pot of decaf and a sour attitude I share with my family over dinner.

He gets his gloating look from his father.

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Carie said...

Oh that made me chuckle!! We don't have any teeth yet but I know they're coming and I can only hope they give Pip an easy ride! Gloating look or not, your wee man looks utterly adorable - I hope the teeth let up soon!