Sunday, June 7, 2015

For Love of Country (23/52)

We had a visit from family last week, and we took a hike to show them some of the local vistas.  We live in a really beautiful part of Pennsylvania, and I am always appreciative of the rolling hills and gorgeous countryside.  But sometimes I crave something a little different.  Sometimes I need to get to the ocean and feel the sand in my toes and the waves at my feet.  Sometimes I need to feel the energy of a bustling city and stroll through a museum or public garden.  Unfortunately, my husband (though born and raised mere minutes from the bustling city of Boston) seems content to forever roam the hills and valleys of our current location.  It has made my summer NYC plans a little difficult to execute.

 I wonder if our sons will grow up 'country boys' like their dad.  
They seem pretty content here.  For the moment.

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Buckeroomama said...

I've always been a city girl and sometimes I dream of a country life. I love how time seems a bit slower, how closer to really "living" it is in the country (vs. the hurried pace of city life).

Adrienne said...

Oh. that. smile!! I've grown into a country girl wanna-be. My husband (small town Oregon boy} insists I'm much more suited to visiting the country than living there!